Spaghetti 3-ways

 I believe spaghetti is one of the most frugal of all meals and it's good! You can even invite company over - serve with some green salad and a loaf of San Francisco sourdough -  some green beans with real bacon bits on top and tossed in just enough bacon grease, to give it that yummy taste. And if you can afford it, a nice red wine.

no bacon in the green beans last night

 Last night, I made spaghetti and it is a filler - for the budget and it fills up a good sized appetite. I feed 3 males - and so pasta and those type of fillers, keep them from roaring with hunger.

3 cheap recipes for spaghetti (with ground beef)

There's my easy spaghetti - you know, buy a jar or two of store-made sauce - add a can of tomato sauce - ground beef, onion and green pepper, more garlic and some Italian seasonings. I'm not a food snob. If it tastes good, so be it. I do try to find a good quality and I do have my brand favorites. Check for sales - it can an easy meal - ready in 30 minutes or less.

Homemade - Or I will use either fresh Roma tomatoes or canned and do basically the same thing as above - garlic, seasonings, ground beef, onion, bell peppers, etc. Sometimes I'll add some wine - or mushrooms. You have to cook a little longer and I usually use the crock pot and let the tomatoes cook all day. I think it tastes the same as store-bought but it makes me feel like Suzie-homemaker and lets face it, we all like to do that once in a while.

I like to use vermicelli pasta instead of spaghetti but we call it spaghetti.

see that old faded red bowl - that was my grandma's bowl.

Baked Spaghetti - I usually make the whole 2 lb package. Then I separate it, and put the second meal in a casserole. Add the sauce - some mozzarella cheese and bake. (Or you can freeze it for next week) You can also add a can of cream of mushroom over the sauce and before the cheese. Very good.


  1. You are so right about spaghetti!! What's not to love?? Tomatoes and red wine are things I usually have on hand. You've been to my blog, you know I'm a food snob (as much as I can afford to be, anyhow) and I used jarred sauce all the time!! I use the white labeled generic cans of spaghetti sauce and I add to it: onions, peppers, carrots, garlic, red wine, lots of ground beef. I have made sauce from scratch, but it's a lot of work of peeling and seeded tomatoes, not to mention, I have a nasty lil citrus allergy coupled with psoriasis on my hands and some days are just torture. So, the less I handle citrus, the more my hands like me ;) Great post!! Oh, yeah...I'm adding you to my favorite blog list.

    1. Cool, thanks. I enjoy your blog as well.

      I can't find "generic" anything anymore. I used to get them at Lucky's years ago. I would do the same thing. Now I just catch sales but the store-bought or make my own. I always have canned tomatoes on hand!

    2. I recently used canned spaghetti sauce and was out of ground beef but had a lb. of breakfast pork sausage (hot) which I added instead. The kids gobbled it up and I think it had better flavor than if I had made with the ground beef (cheaper too!). I used to be a die-hard spaghetti sauce maker, but with so many pre-made options available and so little time, I've switched to the canned and jarred varieties--the cheaper the better!

    3. Kids can be a joy to cook for. They like different combinations. On the other hand they can be picky too.

      My Italian friend always puts sausage in her sauces.


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