Grocery shopping

1 gallon Milk 1%         2.93
fresh squeezed OJ        3.78
2 loafs of bread            1.96
Special K                     3.34
2 cans kidney beans     1.30
pepper jack cheese       4.67
sharp cheddar               4.93
bacon                            2.48
stove top stuffing            .98
4 maruchan ramen          .80
bologna                         4.88
5 lbs potatoes                1.27
2 lbs carrots                    .94
sugar                             2.14
butter                            2.48
lettuce                            .97
2 Rice a Roni mexican 1.76  @.88 ea.
frozen corn                   1.68
Roma tomatoes              .27 for 2
Tapatio                          1.08
bananas                         1.26
1 box scallaped pot         .98
chopped dried onions      .61 in bulk bin
mex tomato bouln          2.32
PLUS one of two non-food items
and bag deduction MINUS - .30
36 items                     $59.41

All total   $ 119.41 for food since Jan. 1, 2013.

Thank God I have meat, poultry and fish in the freezer or it would of cost us a lot more.

*NOTE to the Food Police: This is a cheap meal for those who are trying to make ends meet - or who are struggling every month to feed their hungry families. YES we all know how this can be done by making everything from scratch - YES we know that there might not be the nutritional value due to lack of funds for better products. ie. food bank groceries - Like I keep saying, YOU Can't be a food snob when you're HUNGRY!


  1. OY! I've been out of the loop this last week. This cold has done kicked my butt!! Hopefully, I can catch up with your blog posts...I've got to get one written today, myself, and I need to get my newspaper column written. OY!

  2. Yeah I missed you. :-) I read some of your blog and dang girl, you are good! I haven't gone through your whole blog yet but boy you've got some good recipes. It's like reading a good cooking magazine plus I just relate so much to you - we lived 4 years in our RV in a RV park in the Silicon Valley. I did blog about it for a little time - had no interest from followers. I should post some pictures of the old days on my other blog, Lessons on the Cheap. I actually miss those days and I made many nice friends there.

    Okay get writing that blog post and newspaper column.


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