I'm getting weak...

I don't want to do this anymore. But I have to come up with 10 more meals. Tomorrow I'm going to have to go through the cupboards again and see what I can throw together for 10 days.

I want to go out to dinner - I want to go out for breakfast and lunch and for all snacks!  I'm tired of cooking and cleaning my kitchen.

In my dreams, I have a private chef - a couple of them! A different one for each meal (snacks, too)

I'm not losing any weight because of all the carbohydrates we are eating.


  1. we have plenty of PBJ, grilled cheese and I could make a soup. I have to think...

  2. I'm really good at this one...LOL! Tell me what you have on hand and I can create something pretty dang tasty for you! Sorry that I've been a bit MIA...I'm still fighting this sickness. It's been 2 weeks today and I'm ready for it to be gone. Now, I'm dealing with laryngitis and, as I whisper to my husband 20 times a day...I don't have time for this!!!! OY!

  3. I'm feeling your pain. The pantry challenge is getting old. I'm not losing a lot of weight either and it's a priority, but difficult when you have to eat up what you have. Sometimes the food just does not combine right for weight loss. Brighter days are ahead.


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