Inventory of Food - Meat Proteins

not packed like it has been but I believe we have enough

 The other day I did my food inventory as I previously noted. I wanted to share with you what we have to work with this month in the way of meat - mostly in the freezer with the exception of the canned chicken, roast beef and Tuna.

5 lb chubs of ground sirloin
2, 1 1/2 chubs of ground sirloin
4 steaks
4 chicken breasts
A huge bag of meatballs from Costco (2-3 meals)
2 pks of Costco dinner franks
1 pkg of BarS franks that has been in the freezer since summer
2 packages of stew meat
6 salmon cut in half of the length (very large)
1 lb ground chicken
1 turkey carcass (from Christmas)
 turkey meat (from Christmas)
4 ground beef hamburger patties
Costco bag of chicken tenders (4 meals)
4 cans of roast beef
1 can of chicken breast
4 cans of Alaska pink salmon  (2 meals)
1 can of Tuna
 package of sliced ham lunch meat
1/2 package of bologna

kitchen freezer - some frozen veggies, and other misc stuff -

As you can see, just by my natural stockpiling we have more than enough meat/protein to keep us fed for dinner. Plus we don't eat meat every night and we do a lot of jump for the cupboards.

the inside door of the kitchen freezer - the breakfast burritos and the frozen meals belong to my son

Now for the condiments, and other food products that go into making a meal.