Pantry challenge and my own 31 Day Challenge

Since I had to start my eating program at Curves (Complete) this past Monday, it has been hard to stay in the "pantry-zone."  Like the other night I blew it - by fixing Spaghetti. Since the night before we had breakfast for dinner, I was still hungry when I went to bed. I made up for it, with the spaghetti.

Last night was about me - I fixed the men in my life, homemade Potato Broccoli Soup and cornbread muffins. They weren't thrilled - they want MEAT. Must be a male thing because I am fine to go with meat every now and then.  I on the other hand, had ground sirloin patties, cottage cheese and broccoli. Low carb-eats works best for me. Especially since my favorite foods to eat are all carbohydrates.

I have some new york steaks in the freezer that I have decided to save for the last night of this challenge.

1 more week!!!

I still have some chicken tenders for 1 meal
stew meat
 4-5 lbs of ground beef   ***CORRECTION - 2 lbs of lean ground beef
2 sirloin beef patties
a package of Costco hot dogs (6 hot dogs)
4-5 slabs of fresh-frozen salmon (from late summer)
1 Can of Tuna
5 cans of Costco canned roast beef
2 cans of Costco canned chicken
6 cans of Alaska pink Salmon (Costco)
1 1b package of ground chicken

It's hard for me because I shouldn't eat any casseroles and I am not a fish lover. I'm allergic to shell-fish too. I don't eat lamb or veal. Okay okay -I'm finicky. I could very well be a vegetarian only that I do love certain proteins - steak, prime rib, chicken, turkey some fish (cod and halibut)


So next month I am looking for some low Carb recipes for me, while cooking for the meat and potato eaters in my family!