Pantry inventory

Here is a list of dry goods, beans, pastas, rice etc I have on hand to accompany meals.

2 bags of northern white beans
3 lbs of mixed dried beans
bow tie pasta
salad macaroni (2 salads)
Orso Pasta
1 bag of barley
lb whole grain spaghetti
big shell pasta
brown Balsmaic rice
short grain brown rice
small pasta shells
2 pks of yellow rice
3 meals of of vermicelli pasta
2 pkgs of dried tortellini
2 pks of spainish rice-a-roni
2 pks of pilaf rice-a-roni
1 pk hamburger help (beef noodle)
1 pk hamburger help (strogonoff)
1 stove top stuffing
1 pck of scallaped potatoes

3 boxes of chicken broth
1 box of vegetable broth
2 boxes of beef broth

1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1 can cream of chicken
1 can tomato soup

I have 6 cans of tomatos
8 cans of green beans

2 jars of Paul Newmans spaghetti sauce
2 cans of sweet and sour
2 cans of green enchalada sauce
1 can of red chili sauce

Frozen vegetables

green beans
stir fry
mixed veggies with pasta

I have on hand about 10 lbs of potatoes
3 loafs of bread
6 onions

mozzarella cheese
cheddar cheese
cheese slices
pepper jack cheese
Parmesan cheese

Minute rice

I have stocked piled even more - some boxed cake mixes and 2 frosting tubs, a box of brownies, cornmeal, plenty of flour.

salt, pepper, garlic both fresh and powdered, fresh rosemary in my yard, I have 3 packets of yeast, Italian seasonings - I have almost 2 dozen eggs, milk, butter - and much more. I was pleasantly surprised how much I had stock piled - never realizing that we would need it. Okay so we should of had 3-6 months income banked. But lets get real, unless you are wealthy these days, the "rest of us" have to do what we can to stock pile and prepare. I've always done that, just in case I get sick - I have chicken noodle soup in the pantry (I didn't count that) and my sons have their Top Ramin and boxed macaroni and cheese stashed for themselves.

I'm feeling empowered. I think I'll go now and bake me some of those brownies - I'll even add some walnuts to them - leftover from the holidays.

The cheap life is GOOD!

I think we are good to go. 


  1. Try buying your yeast in the jar and storing it in the fridge to extend the life after opening. It lasts so much longer and is much less expensive if you bake a fair bit. Sounds like you have the making for some good healthy meals :-)

    1. Thanks Mama for the tip. What about storing yeast in the freezer?


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