So long, January

January must have been the longest month I have experienced in a long time.  It was hard - we were luckier than most people who are unemployed.  We at least knew we would be getting a paycheck in Feb. (Actually we received it today)

So what did I learn this month?

Other than 31 days is awfully long, I learned to do without many things, I would run to the store for.  Of course one of my favorite pans bit the dust, we need light bulbs, batteries and other non-food items, that I had to wait on. We squeezed a lot more out of the toothpaste tube - and I dug around in some of my bathroom cabinets and found many unused shampoos.

We did not use any credit cards. But believe me, I was tempted the last week. (and I don't like to shop) I just wanted to get out and make a mindless purchase.  I also struggled with some mild depression. We didn't go anywhere - because we didn't want to use gas. It was a major drag.

I do know that we need to prepare more for hard times - not that I am this PREPPER-TYPE but lets face it, we are living in some strange times. Better to be prepared, according to what you feel comfortable with.

I'd almost like to do this every January. It really is like a fast from all the holiday shopping and spending. I just need to prepare for it better.

So Ta Ta for now 31 Day Challenge.

Good riddance - and don't let the door hit you on the way out!

photo credit: Ben Zvan via photopin cc


  1. Pat yourself on the back...that was indeed a challenge and you steppped right up to the plate.

  2. I woke up this morning and said, "IT"S PAYDAY"! I have done just about the same as you.
    I thought that January would never leave. I know I have mild depression from the weather, and being cooped up and not driving anywhere because of no gas. It's been so very cold and you just can't go out to do anything.
    This morning, a warm wind is blowing and we are supposed to hit 50* F today. And in a little while, I will get my money and start my day and try to be careful.
    Pat yourself on the back, fix something very special for supper and say "I did it".


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