update on the 31 day challenge

2 weeks and 3 days to go

We have been so careful about spending any cash,  it even has me wanting to go out and just BUY something fun. But I haven't.

Today I will LOOK at the bills that need paying. Noticed I said, "Look."  I will have to determine what is there left to be paid. Then there is gas-money for the car. One thing, is that we are using just the one car - a 2010 small economy car. The BEAST, has not been driven.

There are things we may need before Feb. My dog needs her Glucosamine, but I will buy the cheaper version at Trader Joes at $9.99. Then there is dog and cat food.

So far cash wise, on food I have only spent all total:

$60 in milk and necessary groceries
$20 in car gas
$19 for misc that the Husband needed. 

$99 for the first half of the month (not including bills)

However, the freezer and refrigerator is starting to look bare but we do have enough meat and protein left. I am running out of fresh vegetables, fruit, milk, bread, breakfast cereal, and cheese.

Mentally and emotionally, I feel pleased that we have not caved. Even though I would really love to go out to eat or buy something. Heck even a trip to the thrift store would be something. And normally, when I do feel those shopping urges, that is what I would do.  We're too close to the goal.

I am a bit bored - we are laying low - not going anywhere that would tempt us to spend money.  I am cleaning the house, getting files organized for taxes later, going for walks and today I will check in at the library for some FREE reading material.


  1. Books are a fun way to fill time. Not that I have any idea what bored means anymore, but that's because I'm working on my computer all day long...

  2. hi D Marie! Oh you have done well, my friend. [too soon? I say anyone the thrifts is an instant friend]

    Today I went to SAVERS and got 8 items for $8! (4 pairs of awesome jeans and 4 shirts. 1 shirt might go to my daughter, because she has been looking for the very one I bought. She can have it.)


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