Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fancy smancy kid lunches for Valentines Day

So, you blew the Cheap Valentines Day breakfast you wanted to make for your family.  Tossing them a couple of Hershey kisses as they go out the door, does not count as breakfast. Maybe you can make it up to them with lunch.

You could do the old standby classic - the heart-shaped  PBJ, throw in a valentine napkin and another Hershey kiss and call it a day!  Okay so I get it - you are not into Valentines Day! Fake it!

I will admit, while these cute Valentines Day lunches are sooooo cute,  they do make me wonder about the Moms. They must have a lot of time on their hands! 


Wow, this Mom must love her kid more than you love yours!

What can I say?  I like this one the best. How smart to make the sandwich look like a envelope - full of PBJ.

For more ideas on cute cute cute Valentine Day lunches for your kiddos read the original post complete with more cute photos from some very smart, talented moms who love their kids more than you love yours. (I'm just KIDDING)

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