Now its time for the romance

You did your Mommy thing all day - squishing everything you could find, into a heart for the kids. Put them to bed, dim the lights and now it's your time.

Don't feel bad that you elected to stay home on Valentines Day due to finances. Think of it this way, you would of had to PAY for a babysitter for tonight and that would no doubt cost double IF you could even find one, willing to work on Valentines Day! It's a school night anyway. Go out this weekend instead if you can afford it.

I surfed the net, looking for cheap ideas and recipes for your evening of bliss with the husband.

It must be me, but when I think of romantic meals I wouldn't ever think that I'd find recipes on PBS! But they have some ideas for Romantic, BUDGET  (that's us!)  and Vegetarian.

You can't go wrong with the Taste of Home website for recipes.

and the food network is going all out!

and at Delish, they even have recipes and ideas for the single gals on Valentines Day.

and don't forget the candles! 

photo credit: jpvargas via photopin cc