Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines Day - Pancakes are CHEAP and Toast is thrifty!

Don't fret that you can't afford to go all out and make this picture perfect Valentine's Day Breakfast for your family. Pancakes are CHEAP! 

Use your own favorite pancake recipe - if you have a heart shaped cookie cutter big enough, you can pour the batter into the cutter to make the heart shape. If not, you will just have to cut it to shape after.  Or if you have a steady hand, try pouring the batter in a heart shape.

I like them to be uniformed in size - just my OCD.

Aunt Jemima features heart shaped pancakes -

How about some Valentine Day Toast! Come on, this is so easy! The kids love it. Toast some bread, cut into heart shapes - you could even do french toast!

I found this recipe for some fancy toast - Conversation Toast

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