Amy Dacyzyn - The Tightwad Gazette

When I was a young Mommy of 3 little boys, I got my hands on a Tightwad Gazette and it changed my life. I still have a few of the original newsletters - so charming and so old school. 

 I often wondered where it all went to and thought for sure, it was online. But Amy retired it all in the late 90's. However she now has a book of all her past newsletters, that I plan on getting.


  1. It sounded familiar but when I looked at it, it just didn't ring a bell. Was it from California because if it was, I was living in Manteca back then so I thought I would recognize it. Oh well.

    1. No she lives in Maine. So you used to live in Manteca? I've been through there before...

  2. Yeah I lived in Manteca for about 10 years and then Modesto for about the same.


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