Monday, March 18, 2013

Dieting when you're broke

Back in December I treated myself (WHAT was I thinking?) to a Curves Membership along with their diet plan - Curves Complete.  And NO this is not a paid promotion. Just letting you know what "plan" I am on.  Along with their food plan I get the Curves Circuit which I am enjoying. No more do I have to feel self-conscious working out next to, Skinny Sara or Curvaceous Caryn. Now it's with more NORMAL ladies like myself. And some of them are financially strapped as well but they are doing this, like me - for that fresh start and with the coaching etc, Curves offer.

It's been hard for me. Like I said, I've only lost 6 lbs since Jan. Just this weekend, I broke down and had 2 cookies and 1 cupcake - then had such a sugar rush, I thought I was having a heart-attack. I guess that was a SIGN????

One way to cheaply diet is with My Fitness Pal.  I am using their weigh-in badge/widget/thingy just to share with you all and it helps me to visually see it. (not a paid promotion) On the website, you can keep a food diary, which is always a good thing.


And don't forget, when you are trying to lose those unwanted pounds, WALKING is FREE.  Get into a sport you like, then you are moving your body in a fun and active way and it won't seem too hard for you. Riding a bike, jogging, swimming, hiking, tennis - just eat less and move the old bod more. Take the stairs, park far away and walk, catch the bus at the furthest bus stop -

 And grow your own fresh veggies!  Gardening is an exercise!

photo credit: Fabio Trifoni via photopin cc


  1. I have been walking the dog more now that the snow has melted. I used the treadmill at a friends yesterday. Sure wish I had one of my own.

    1. I heard trend-mills make a great place to hang freshly ironed clothes on. :-)

      My sister lives in Colorado and she just recently bought a treadmill because it is hard to get out in that cold snow. But around here, I have many friends who have them piled high with laundry! LOL