Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Facebook Frenzy Hop

Now this is a HOP! Go check it out if you have a face book page. At last count there were 197 facebook pages to LIKE.

Always remember to LIKE a page with your profile - not your facebook page. Here are the rules:

Please follow these instructions carefully for a successful hopping experience:

  1. Go to your blogs facebook page. Copy the URL displayed in your browser
  2. Head back over to the Frenzy. Paste the Facebook URL into the linky tool DO NOT LINK UP YOU BLOG!
  3. Now go to your PERSONAL Facebook page (Not your blogs Facebook page) to “like” the pages of others. Facebook will not count “Likes” from other “PAGES”.
  4. Get into the habit of “Liking” someone’s page “BEFORE” you leave them a comment, or the like may not be counted
  5. If you would like someone to “Like” you back YOU MUST LEAVE A LINK TO YOUR BLOGS FACEBOOK PAGE in the comment you send to them.
  6. Grab a Margaritta
  7. Go!

    Here are the classic rules:

    1. “Like” Your Host and Co-hosts pages

    2. Grab the hop button and place it on your sidebar (or hop page)

    Dysfunction Junction

    3. Tweet this hop!

    4. leave a comment If you would like a follow back.

    5. “Like” those who are kind enough to “Like” you!

    Meet our fabulous April co-host team!

    Interested in Co-hosting a hop with Dysfunction Junction? We have more openings for June! Contact us for details!

    Want your link to be one of the first ones clicked on? Become a sponsor of Dysfunction Junction! All Sponsors will have the opportunity to link up before the hop goes live for the duration of the sponsorship! CLICK HERE for more details on Sponsorship.

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