Thursday, May 23, 2013

Avon Outlet 12


 I guess they had so much merchandise they had to do another!

So, does everyone have their quota of flip-flops for summer?  Can't beat the price.


Wow - a lot of Tiny Tillia for sale. My niece is due in November so I will be stocking up on some of these items for sure. Next month we find out what the gender is.  Then I can be more specific.

How about you?  You must know someone, who is expecting... Scarf up on these savings and gather it all, place in a basket and they will think you spent a arm and a leg. When all you did was SHOP the Avon Outlet.


OMG - more savings from Avon's Tiny Tillia.  I am going out of my mind here.  Such cute stuff.

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