Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Get Ready for Dad's day

Now HOW cute is that?  This Father's Day brochure is ready and waiting for your online order.

 There's cologne, slippers, gadgets, watches and BBQ stuff for the men in your life.  Reasonably priced - you don't have to go broke to make Daddy happy.

I have sons and I'll tell you what I do - They are single but I buy these items when they are on special and keep them for gifts at Christmas. I know sometime, if I wait, they may not offer them again. So this Avon-Lady jumps on it.

And last by not least, don't forget to enter the All-Stars Father's Day Sweepstakes.  You never know...

Although, you will have to register with me first - ah they get you ever time!

Come on now...doesn't that post make you want to at least REGISTER at my Avon website? It's painless. It's FREE and I will be your BFF forever!

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