Thursday, May 23, 2013

I fixed my no reply blogger ISSUE

Yea me! This no-reply deal was driving me crazy.  I even gave up on it and this blog for a few months because it hurt my head, every time I came here to work. I was just getting to the point to where I was going to just shut down this blog and do another one. 

All the other "fixes" did not apply to me. It wasn't as easy as going to my blogger profile and click the box to receive email. DUMB! I already had that box checked. I kept reading where many were like me - that simple solution just didn't fix our more complicated problem. 

I had a feeling it had to do with my FEED.  Here is the SOLUTION:

  1. Go to feedburner
  2. Go to EDIT your FEED Details
If your feed has  ?default=rss at the end of it, that is the problem. 

Your FEED should read (hey I'm a poet)

When you removed the default=rss you are using Atom and it apparently does not have this annoying problem. 

LET me know if this worked for you!!!

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