2 weeks till inventory

I can look at a calender in October and see with my eyes that a new year is coming soon, but it doesn't start to hit me until 2 weeks before.  Years ago when I worked retail, January was the time for the BIG INVENTORY we all dreaded.  So for me, January is a time for me to take "inventory" of my business both personally and professionally. (and that includes all of my blogs) As I prepare for the tax season, it also has me re-elevating how I did the previous year and what changes do I need to make. I can never be complacent or I won't grow as a business. I have to always take inventory.

This was my first year working at home - full-time and exclusively on my own.  I ended my gig as a Nanny Dec 2012 and as I had already been selling with Avon and Barefoot Books, I started 2013 with the knowledge that I was going to concentrate with building these businesses UP.

After working as a Nanny to a "work-at-home" dad in advertising, I observed his approach to working from home.  I tried not to lay around in my PJ's. Yeah I could of and did a few times, but what worked for me was getting dressed as if I was going to work. Mentally it makes me feel professional. I admit, it took me all of this year to get comfortable, working at home. My daily routine was off and I had no schedule and spent way too much time on Facebook, "marketing" my business. So I have decided that I need a PLAN.  A better plan than just, "building my business up" I need to be more specific in all areas of my stay at home, work at home businesses.

Since my business is mostly in sales, this is a good time to reflect. Christmas shopping is most likely done for most of my customers - and with the exception of some good sales in January, it still is a good time to refresh myself.

I really do love what I do - and I look forward to the new year! 

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