I'm DONE for this season

I'm sitting here, listening to really cheesy Christmas Music on the TV cable because I am too lazy to get out all of my CD's. Just like I am too lazy to decorate the house, like I usually do. We have had so much family crap, going on lately it just wasn't going to happen. PLUS it feels like spring. We've been having mild temperatures and quite frankly I would rather sit outside and feel the warm sun on my body, watching the hummingbirds play and listen to the birds sing,  than stay inside and decorate. No biggie. Anyway I still have time. I have the tree up - and a few decorations up, that I did the day after Thanksgiving. So it's not like we have NOTHING. We were not able to cut down our tree due to our van having a blown gasket - I had to pull out the skinny-tree.

It's been a difficult work situation for me - working from home and having family come to live with us. My step-daughter and her husband have separated.  Plus my Father-in-law had some strokes in November and we had to get him settled in a care facility near us.

I like to work in the early mornings - I'm an introvert and don't want to be bugged when I am in my creative mode - but with so much "drama" going on, it does tend to drain me. I pretty much gave up on marketing my online businesses - didn't do the crafts I wanted to do before Christmas - did not set up my Stoveny Store for all of my over-stock Avon, I want to get rid of and sell. I didn't get to the garage sale I was supposed to have to clean up the garage.

The Christmas season has just been a big old bust this year for me.

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