Out with the old, In with the new

Christmas is over and I am ready to move on - I'll keep my tree up for a few more days. (because I'm lazy) This year I did not overly decorate for Christmas because I plan to paint starting in January and I did not want anything to detour me, from getting it done. As I pack away the few Christmas decorations, down will also come everything else -  until I finish this dreaded chore, PAINTING.

My dad was a painting contractor in San Francisco. I learned a lot from him without even trying. Just living with him and his standards - knowing very well it is time to stop putting this off (I was supposed to do this last year) and that is why I am telling you all. I need accountability!  

The fun part can be picking out the colors - I just want a whole new look for my house - sick of the white walls.  My house was my parents last home. When they died, I bought out my sister's half of the house and now it's mine. It's not our childhood home, but it has pleasant memories of my parents and has some personal touches, that I cherish. However, it does need some affordable updating. And one thing I know about paint - it's a relative inexpensive way to start making some updated changes.