Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Beautiful Driftwood in home decor

Driftwood is wood or dead trees and branches that have been washed into the ocean - lakes and rivers. They can be a hazard for boats and create log jams and congestion but they are habitat for birds and other aquatic species. Shipworms and bacteria eat away at the wood, giving it a distinct appearance. 

If you want to get creative, and have the talent and woodworking experience and tools, many are using it for furniture.

This is outside table is gorgeous. Frankly I'd use it inside!  

 In the bath room as a towel holder! You could even take that same idea - and use it as a hall tree in your entryway! 

Beautiful arrangement over a sofa. 

See:  52 Ideas to Use Driftwood in Home Decor -

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