Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kannaway Event, Facebook, and mowing lawns

This week has gone by so fast -here it is, already Thursday. 

So all my colleagues are in Atlanta for the Kannaway event. Last event, at which I was fortunate to attend, was in Denver and for those who did not attend, they offered paid-per-view.  This time, they are not and I am very disappointed. I won't know what is going on - what new products they are launching or where the next event will be - until probably Monday or Tuesday. Unless they post it on our Facebook official page for Brand Ambassadors. 

It's probably well that there isn't the live streaming - I'd be sitting inside all weekend. 

To make Facebook "work" for me, I rearranged some friend lists, so that my friends do not have to be bombarded with all my Hemp talk etc. I fiddled around with the settings - and I think it will work out just fine. If anyone would like to friend me on Facebook, just click on friend me.  Please send me a message, mentioning this blog. I don't just "friend" anybody. You can also follow me. 

My Facebook page that goes with this blog is From my house to yours

In between trying to organize my businesses, both online and offline (desk area etc) I want to get some gardening done. I bought a push type lawn mower on eBay and it came yesterday and I am anxious to mow the lawn. We have a gas type lawn mower but I hate it. My sons or my husband will mow the lawn using that one. However, I love the push type because it is good upper-body strength and I enjoy it. I'll mow every couple of days and the lawns from a non-powered mower look so nice. 
The beginning of June, I will be buying some paint, so we can finally finish this monster of a project. Then I can get my pretty things out of boxes, order home decor items at Decor Steals and then relax for the rest of the summer. That would be so nice.

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