Thursday, May 1, 2014

lesson 5 - admission

 5. Admitted to God, our creditors, our spouses/partners, our children, our in-laws, friends, and anyone who will listen,  the exact nature of our past wrongs.

"Oh man, to God?" 

 Well if you are a believer in a higher power then yeah. 

If you aren't then skip on down to your creditors, your spouse, your parents, your children - anyone who will make you squirm a little. That's the point. Be real. People love REAL. (That's why hardwood is more popular than laminate) 

It's humbling. And once humbled you will never want to go back to being a creep.  

I remember one time being humbled and embarrassed BIG TIME.  It was Christmas and I was like 10 years old and I took my allowance money and went out and bought little dime-store gifts for these twins that were my neighbor/friends. I also bought a apron for their Mom. I was so proud of myself. I wrapped them and bounced down the street to deliver my gifts. They were all happy and pleased. Then I go and ruin this happy time, but getting the twins out and telling them, 

"Now I bought you a gift, you have to buy me one too".  

They were sad. I bounced on home. Only to open the door and my Mom was standing there FURIOUS with me. Their mom called my Mom.  My mom told me about how it is better to GIVE than to RECEIVE. I knew that, but I guess in all the excitement I was thinking more about me - 

So I was made to walk down the street, by myself and knock at their door - with the family all there - and apologize to them.  It was the most humbling experience ever! 

Thankfully, I have always remembered it and I am not a creep anymore.  

So, don't be a creep. Just admit your stuff to people you trust. It won't be that bad. They might even respect you for it.  

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