Sunday, June 1, 2014

lesson 6 - ready or not

6. Were entirely ready to embrace our inter-frugality. 

Deep down, we all are frugal. We were born with nothing. Can't get more frugal than that. 

Remember as a child, when the empty boxes were sometimes more fun to play with than the toy itself? What happened?  I hate to say it, but the baby-boomers and our parents - and our love affair with television. Along with that mindless entertainment came the commercials, telling us, we just had to have that sugar-coated cereal, or that toy or those brands of clothing. And if we were somehow sheltered from that, we saw it everyday at school. The kids that have and then the kids that don't have.  You ever see a popular girl at school who doesn't have the latest clothes?  That's right. Because we have been conditioned that if you want to be liked and popular and smart, you have to be a consumer of "stuff."  And not just any stuff - it has to be name brands - the height of fashion or you are a loser! 

Wouldn't it be nice, to just let it all go?  Does it matter really in the big scope of it all? 

When you embrace your inner frugality, it is freeing. That is when you become independent and are no longer a slave to the bondage of what everyone else thinks you should do or wear or have.  

I'm not saying we have to look like hillbillies -  or we can never shop.  But as our outlook on all of that is changing we start to see the possibilities, of a rich life, that is simply lived. 

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