Monday, June 2, 2014

The start of my work week at home

Working a JOB

As I have said before, after a weekend I look forward to a Monday. Not only, is Monday a laundry day for me (see previous post) but it's a work-day. Let me clarify - I do not work outside of my home. I work at home - doing a bit of everything. And yes, I get paid. I love what I do. However, sometimes I have to be my own motivator. Most people who do not work from home, think I am crazy for all the hours I spend working. HELLO?  My work is fun. And if they were in charge of paying my bills, then they would have a say - but they aren't - so I have to ignore their negativity. 

 Yes, I work at home!

I see it with my father-in-law. He rolls his eyes in a sly way - I see that! He even shakes his head, ever so slightly; thinking I cannot see. I saw YOU Pops! I don't argue - he is 88 yrs old, from the Greatest Generation and he doesn't get it. 


Thankfully my husband does get it.

At times but I learn so much!

Sure, I have my issues - surrounding my work. I tend to procrastinate. I don't like following up - I have to force myself. OKAY, I get lazy. or side-tracked. Who doesn't? Working from home, always has it's side shows. The dog is sick, the cat has fleas, the husband is working another shift, the car needs tires, the laundry, the groceries - That is why so many of us put in 12 hour days or work weekends! 

Like this morning, I sat in bed, taking notes as to what I wanted to accomplish today. I sat outside in the backyard, and watched some birds eating, and a dragon fly, watching me, watching him. I saw a big hawk up in a neighbors tree. Beautiful. 

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