Thursday, June 19, 2014

Work from your House - A Mom who Bakes

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When I was a kid growing up, my Mom wasn't much of a baker and she never fooled anyone into thinking she could. She would bake a Betty Crockers Cake Mix, poke it - fill it with Jello, top it off with Cool Whip and we all thought she was awesome. A frozen pie now and then, and my dad loved Angels Food Cake and that was pretty much the extent of her baking at home. 

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I used to bake - to save money on snacks for my sons when they were in school. I always had banana bread laying around -I guess you might say, I did some professional baking from home - I provided all the brownies and chocolate chip cookies for my son's Lemonade stand. 

This gal did just that. 
Carin Sorisio concocted her first wedding cake, which was three tiers and made from scratch, for an Easter celebration when she was 12. Now, at the age of 38, she runs her own bakery that creates custom designs out of her Arcata home. 

Sorisio was raised in Pennsylvania and received her culinary degree from Pennsylvania Culinary in 2000. She made wedding cakes for Ramone's Bakery and CafĂ© for several years before she recently began running Filigree Cakes, Cookies, and Pastries out of her home thanks to the state's Cottage Food Operation law, which went into effect in January. 

 One of the great things about the law is that almost anyone can start a business from their home with very little upstart money," Sorisio said. "This gives people more freedom to control their lives, and is a wonderful opportunity for low-income mothers like myself. I have a small daughter, and I'm able to spend more time with her, grow my business from home, and — hopefully — eventually jump into a traditional bakery setting once my following is established. I can set my hours to what I need them to be, and am using almost all organic ingredients."

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 What would you bake? 

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