Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What does pain in my Sciatica have to do with my blog?

Just that I am not feeling good right now. Today I went into my Doctors office and told him about the discomfort (pain) I have been having in my right butt cheek (sciatica) OUCH!  He gave me a shot of cortisone and I am now sore where the injection was. It hurts to sit, therefore, it hurts to blog!

I also feel a bit sick to my stomach. Every now and then, I get a sharp piercing pain, down the nerve - I'm telling you, it's worse than childbirth! (Actually, I found childbirth to be exhilarating) 

I sure hope this helps. We started with the baby-steps - then we'll work our way up the list of things to do, if I continue to hurt, with surgery the last resort. I don't want surgery. I also will start physical therapy soon. 

I really hate this! 

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