Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Budget Makeover - e-waste is a big problem

It's a crazy world out there and even when we try to do what is right and responsible, there are others who cut corners to save a buck. I'm all for saving a buck, but not at the expense of others. Some electronic recycling companies here in the good old USA  cut corners by sending their waste to other developed countries - where they are scavenged for resources and then discarded irresponsibly.

The workers who strip the resources that are left, are exposed to dangerous chemicals and do not wear any protective clothing. When disposed, children and pregnant mothers are at risk for extensive future health dangers.

These e-waste and disposal practices are found in places such as China, India, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ghana and Pakistan include open burning of plastics, exposure to toxic solders, leakages of acids into rivers and general dumping of waste material.

Sadly this is what happens to 50-80% of all e-waste, according to Electronics TakeBack Coalition.

So make sure the place you take your e-waste to an ISO 14001 environmental management certified center. 

Here's more information

Proper Disposal and recycling of e-waste 

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