Christmas in every room

I love Christmas decorating, probably MORE than anything else - even eating! I've always wished I could decorate every room - but usually only the living room, kitchen and dining area. The above photo is from a few years ago - I hope to change all of that around. I have a small skinny tree I use in the dining area - but even that takes up too much room. I wish I could move my china cabinet into the eating area, but it doesn't square up with the ceiling fan. I had it there once, and it bugged me to where, it actually threw my emotional equilibrium off. It wasn't Feng-shui at all. 

The china cabinet is in our entry way and that bugs me too. 

I've asked my husband if he would center the ceiling light over the dining table so I could move back in my china cabinet, but he doesn't want to. I even thought of getting rid of the ceiling fan, BUT with 115 degree summers, we need those fans in every room especially with the vaulted ceilings. 

So I don't know exactly how I will do this - Seems this year I am in a festive decorating mood and I just want things to look good. 


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