Monday, November 3, 2014

First Monday of November - Christmas Trees

 Last night I had a rush of late night energy and decided to change my living room around. It totally changed my boring room into a cozy place to spend time with my husband - and to get ready to welcome the Christmas tree in a few weeks. Yeah so I basically changed everything around to accommodate my Christmas tree. 

 There were years we used to purchase a real tree - then we had a few years, where we went to tree farms to cut down our tree but even that was getting expensive. Then a friend was moving and gave me her artificial one. I received a lot of flack from my family, but I loved it. I used it for years until we moved and I got rid of it. A MAJOR REGRET.

So we moved to a semi-rural town in the real Northern California - and we would get a permit from the forestry service for $5 - and we could cut any size tree. The only thing with that, was it was always weather permitting. And now that we're in a 3 year drought, I was concerned about burning lights on it. 

2 weeks ago, I walked past the Cancer Society thrift store and they had fake trees. I bought a 8, 1/2 foot, lighted Christmas tree. I paid $60 and I've checked, - ones like it sell from $150 upwards. The only catch - I couldn't pick it up until Dec 1, because they use them to sell ornaments. Well, that changed - last week they had received other tree donations and wanted me to get it out of their way. 

My husband and I went over, took our "beast" of a van, in the rain and it took 3 men to lift it and load it. The only thing, is it doesn't have a box - and it looks like it's been altered - to where I won't be able to take it apart. It's all one piece. OH WELL - 

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