Argh, Stubborn Screws

 You're all ready and excited to get started on your project and you come across a wood screw that is STUCK. What a pain, that is. I'm pretty stubborn myself and try to do all that I can without asking the male gender for help. It's a PRIDE thing, I know. Foodie couldn't do it. It would not even budge. A few minutes later, the husband walks in through the door - I had to cave and get his help. At the time, even he is having a hard time. 

I have come across a few links on how to remove a stubborn screw for your information. Hope it never happens to you, but you know it eventually will. 

How Can I remove a really stuck screw? 

Remove a Stuck Screw 

The stubborn screw is out. My husband said he talked to it. Yeah right!