Depression Era - A Supper Meal

 This old recipe also goes back to earlier times here in America but for many, a "supper meal" fed a hungry family.

6 or more slices of bacon
2 cups cold  cooked potatoes (boiled and sliced) * sweet potatoes can be used too
3 green peppers finely chopped
1 cup of milk  (whole milk)

Fry the bacon and remove to a dish and keep warm.

 Add the potatoes and green pepper and onions to the bacon drippings. 

When everything gets brown add 1 cup of milk and cook until milk is nearly all absorbed. 

Fold the mixture over like an omelet. Serve with the bacon slices.

NOTE: Yes I am aware how totally unhealthy cooking in bacon drippings. I am just showing what people had to eat back during a time when many were starving. There were always potatoes, onions and bell peppers on hand as many had gardens.