Major Paint Project for 2 Babyboomers

patched the cracks

 We moved into this house 7 years ago - and now it's time to start painting. It needed it, 7 years ago when we moved into my parents home - my dad being a Painting contractor had painted it a few years earlier so it was quality - I just wanted more color and a different look from what my parents had. We never got around to it. Just lazy I guess. 

more patching

Today my husband started to paint the ceiling. He is not a very good painter. I just wanted him to do the high ceilings and I will do everything else. I watched my dad many times and have painted a lot in my years. We have vaulted ceilings and at some points, it is 14 feet. I am not confident standing on ladders anymore. So he cut in half way - and he'll do the other half tomorrow. We're not in any BIG hurry to bust this out asap. It will get done. Then he'll use a roller. We have a lot of my dad's equipment - a compressor type commercial paint sprayer but we don't know how to use it. We also have a smaller type paint sprayer but now is not the time if it will derail us from getting this done. We knew the living room, dining and kitchen ceiling would be a BIG JOB for us. Once we get that done, I'll paint the walls. I still haven't picked out colors yet. No biggie.

cutting in

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