Saturday, May 14, 2011

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 Making phone calls in my home

It was a few years until I started even considering direct sales as a way to supplement my family's, forever shrinking income. I'd receive a Avon brochure and wonder about "the opportunity". I'd ask some friends (never do this) and they would tell me, "Avon Stinks" That they hate it, cheap products etc. This was news to me. All I wanted was about $200 a month for my growing family.

One day I saw an ad in the paper about phone reps for United Cerebral Palsy. I would get a "route" and every day and evening I would call these people on certain streets and say, "Hi I'm Debby from United Cerebral Palsy. Our truck will be on your street on such in such date, can I count on you to set out usable household goods and clothing?" I did this from 9am to 12pm and again in the evenings 6pm to 9 pm. Every morning I would have to give "my count". Believe me this was not as easy it sounds. I was paid minimum wage - at the time that was like $3.50 an hr. Then if someone actually followed through, I would get a bonus. The deal was most people forget or the trunk passes them by and so my bonus were in the hands of other people. It got to the point, I hated my supervisor who was just a old bitty, who would actually get mad at me for not getting enough people to commit to putting a bag out. After about 3 months, of missing out on our family evenings together (because Mom is making her calls) and not being able to take my baby to the park in the mornings because Mom was making these silly phone calls, I quit. Oh the relief to finally be out of that!

As a stay at home mom, back in the late 70's and early 80's, I was desperate. I wanted to stay home with my babies. I was determined NOT to cave in and pay someone else to raise my children. So my hunt continued...

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