Stroke by stroke

Yesterday I went out to Home Depo and bought some green paint for my kitchen cabinets. Never-mind the wall paint, I am on a mission. Anyway the husband is still grumbling that he has to do the ceilings.  

I did some cutting in last night, just because I wanted to see how it was going to look. I have to say, it looked a bit scary. Foodie, my middle son walked in and said it reminded him of the kitchen in the Ghostbuster Movie. Now what the heck is that supposed to mean?  

I know my dad would roll over in his grave, if he saw me painting over his oak cabinets. 

I have a lot to PROVE. 

I painted all night, in my dreams, so I was ready at the crack of dawn to paint. I held off enough to relax and have my coffee with the husband who in case you are wondering, works a swing shift Sunday through Thursday 4pm to midnight. I can get so much more done when he is at work.

By 8am I was stirring my paint and pouring it into a smaller container. I also had taken 3 cabinet doors off. I encouraged the husband to take the dog, to the dog park while I painted. I know how much he dreads, his part of the painting, but as for me, I am having a blast. I cranked up some Robert Palmer and went at it. 

 The vision is there and it is revealing itself, stroke by stroke.

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