Thrown off schedule

I got this done on Friday!

We took Saturday off from painting. It was our dog's 1 year birthday. Laydee is a black lab and we just wanted to spend a nice day with her. We had every intention of starting back up this morning, but we got a call, that they were sending my husband's father to the hospital. He was in emergency last week, and they sent him home - after they could no longer find anything except for his low blood pressure that is normal for him. All week, however, he did not feel well. So back he went this morning at 3:30 am. He went in for surgery on his intestine and came out of it just as expected. He is 89. 

That took up all of the morning and part of the early afternoon. He is fine now, resting in ICU and he can have visitors sometime tomorrow. My husband went on to work his swing shift till midnight. 

You have to ride with these unexpected interruptions. All of it will get done. I might paint a little tonight. I'm just happy his surgery came out a success and he will be getting better. He is quite the hoot! 


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