As the paint dries...

I'm wondering when was it, that I knew I liked a certain type of home decor? 

I believe looking back through my baby pictures is when I started loving that Retro look or as I refer to it, "The I LOVE LUCY" type of kitchen. Who wouldn't want a kitchen like this? Notice the mirror over the sink...

See how I am loving this kitchen. 

When I was older I was allowed to pick my colors and carpet for my bedroom. I picked pink walls, red carpet and I had one wall of pink and red roses. My furniture was painted white. I had a chenille bedspread that I loved.

Just starting to phase out the white - with wood contact paper on my furniture

It surely wasn't when I was a teenager - I wanted to paint my furniture black and paste Jimi Hendrix posters all over my walls. Instead, of black, I covered my furniture with contact paper. My dad would not allow me to put posters on the wallpaper. 

When I was a newlywed, we rented a 4 plex-in trendy Burlingame Ca. on the El Camino. I fell in love with this apartment. It had a front courtyard you entered with a little gate and a small porch and the kitchen was what I always wanted. A I LOVE LUCY type of kitchen. A Wedgewood stove and painted white cabinets - an old retro-refrigerator, the kind that if you broke off the handle, you could not open it up. (That actually happened) and a beautiful picture window, looking out to the courtyard, framed in white Priscilla curtains! I'll have to dig through photographs to find a picture of that kitchen. I loved it.

To be continued...