Part 2: As the paint dries...

The last house in San Francisco, I lived in was in the Haight Ashbury.  That was a cool flat.  It had once been a Hotel and actually survived the 1906 earthquake and fire. It still had a horse stable in the backyard. I recently did a google search for it and this is how it looked a couple of years ago. I also hit the jackpot with even more photos - it had been up for sale.  3 bedrooms and 1 bath. 1450 sq ft. Sold for 1.9 million dollars for just the flat. I bet my folks still wished they owned it. Above us, were 2 apartments - Now being sold as individual condo apartments for sale.

We moved because,  we couldn't leave for work or school, without stepping over hippies laying on our porch. They would urinate and leave their feces for us to clean up. It was gross. Back then, most of the homeowners who had lived there for years, were leaving.

Now it is a upscale neighborhood - totally un-affordable for regular people. 

Living room

my mom and dad's bedroom

My sister and I shared this bedroom. There used to be a radiator where the pipe is. 

the rear bedroom - we used as our playroom

Dad moved us 30 minutes south of San Francisco, to a small beach town, where I lived till I moved out.


  1. Since I grew up in the suburbs, I can't imagine having complete strangers on my porch doing that sort of thing! Wow! Good thing that your family moved away from that though. It is nice to see that the area eventually improved. It's no surprise that it's expensive to live there now. I've heard that San Francisco is not cheap!

    1. It was unreal and now days when people romantize hippies and all - some were good but where I lived we were inundated with them.

      And yes, San Francisco is very expensive. I couldn't afford to move back.

  2. What a fabulous home! So much original hardwood, and trim.
    Too bad your family had to sell under such gross circumstances...

    1. It is too bad, because we really liked it there. We didn't need 2 cars - used public transporation and street cars. It was a quaint neighborhood back then.


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