Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The first day of Sept.

Sacramento River

I live in a semi-rural town in Northern California - that is shaped like a bowl. We are surrounded by forests and mountains on 3 sides of us. Only to the south, is it flat heading toward Sacramento/San Francisco. Many of the summer forest fires are still in the process of being contained and depending on the direction of the wind, we sometimes find ourselves in a shroud of smoke. We used to call it, Indian summer in the bay area, when there was a haze that filled the horizon. With the exception, of the heavy smoke, (cough-cough) the haze can be breathtakingly gorgeous, especially the sunsets.

We are now entering the season that I love. I feel more alive than any other - anticipating the holidays and enjoying the much cooler temperatures. Although we are still seeing temps as high as 100, the early mornings have cooled down as low as the 60's.

Our trees don't start "turning" until November/December but with the drought and lack of summer watering, they are already losing their leaves. We need some major RAIN.

I will celebrate the day, by working on my kitchen cabinets. I wish I could say I am almost done. About halfway. I hope to knock out a lot today, just because I am feeling so hopeful.

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