Laundry room, carpet, painting, hall way, OH MY

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Sometime today or tomorrow I have to go to Lowes and order my washer and dryer and order the carpet in our master bedroom/living room. Husband is working furiously, trying to finish up the hall flooring. I have been working in the kitchen, organizing my kitchen cabinets, pantry etc.

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I'm feeling OVERWHELMED.

The washer and dryer has to be ordered by a certain date this month. Fortunately, I don't believe they will be delivered until AFTER Jan 1, 2017. That is a relief. We can then work on the laundry room.

The carpet has to be scheduled for the measurements. That would mean, I will not be able to put the tree up until after the carpet is installed, sometime in December. Is that really such a big deal? Maybe we could move the tree...Maybe I should just do what really needs to be done, instead. 

I have to get that master bedroom painted. I'm trying to get some help from my adult sons - I'll see them Saturday night. Both of them, could probably knock it out in a day, if I do the cutting in. 

I can't wait till this major stuff is done. The original goal, was to have all of this done and over with, so I could rest up through the holidays. Guess, that is not going to happen. 

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  1. Those are fabulous laundry rooms!

    Kinda makes me want to do laundry...

    1. Yep, I can't wait till I get mine the way I want. Laundry will be fun again.


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