Under Pressure

Not a pretty picture

This weekend, husband ripped out the carpet in the office, where our elderly cat peed. We had to. The smell was horrible. So we are down to the cement foundation. We'll just have to live with it for awhile, until we get the other projects we have on our list DONE.

Am I overwhelmed yet?

Not really. Tomorrow, we have to patch some of the cracks and we'll put a cement sealer on it and once it dries, I have some throw rugs to lay about.

Home Depo called and left a message. It was about the delivery of the washer and dryer. OH NO! Now I am feeling overwhelmed! I have to get the walls painted in the laundry room (I procrastinated this weekend) so my husband can lay the floor. I'll call them tomorrow and delay the delivery for a week. I believe I can knock out the painting tomorrow if I work till the evening. I have nothing on my schedule.

Sometimes, I think I work better, under pressure.

Maybe that's why I have an ulcer - you think?


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