Home Improvements for 2017

Painting started Jan 2016 

Organizing the home, seems to be the common New Year's Resolution for your home and like most personal resolutions, like losing weight, eating healthy and exercising - it usually gets placed on the back shelf by March.

hardwood floor is done - still needs the trim

Last year, we decided to make all the necessary Home Improvements, we had been putting off. We had a new roof installed, all new energy efficient windows installed, a new soaker tub in the bathroom, we painted all rooms, EXCEPT the bathrooms, and 1 bedroom that still needs to be done. WE bought steel shelving for the garage -We installed new flooring in the laundry room and 1 bath and we bought a new stove and microwave as well as a new washer and dryer and put hardwood flooring in our hall.

Expect the Unexpected - we had to rip up carpet in office due to cat urine. 

On our list was possibly going Solar. We checked into it - the contractor came out but we have too many trees and I am not willing to cut them down. I am a TREE LOVER. Anyway, with our new energy efficient roof and windows, I have noticed a huge difference.

2017, has us moving just a few things to this years LIST. But the main focus, will be the exterior of our home.


New Carpet for Living room and master bedroom. (That comes on Wednesday)
ORGANIZE the house. (storage etc)
Paint house trim and front door
Landscape front and back yards
redo our covered back patio.
extend front patio
Plant a small vegetable garden in containers
Hanging plants
More bird feeders

and we may have to get a new hot water heater - it is already 9 years old. We are thinking about replacing it with a tank less water heater with the instant hot water. How nice.

From 2016

paint master bathroom
install floor
paint hall bath
paint cabinets in both bathrooms
change fixtures
new ceiling fan in master bedroom
my husband needs to finish the hallway

I am sure I have forgotten a few little things - I call that"Fluff". It's all the fun stuff.

WHY did we do all of this? My husband retires in 6 years and we wanted to get our home, fixed up and IMPROVED so we don't have to do this, when we are on a limited budget. It has been a sacrifice of time and money - we haven't taken a big vacation. (Although I don't like to leave more than 4-5 days - I miss my animals and my house)

So here's to 365 days of Home Improvements!  Lord willing, I hope 2018, I can say, we're DONE!


  1. I have vinyl siding on my 'to do' list this year. After 45 years, I am tired of painting wood.

    1. My husband would love to get vinyl siding. I used to live in a house with the old Aluminum siding and that was nice. Only that my3 sons, would make dents in the side of it, with their basketballs.

  2. Home improvements are great and something many of us would love to do if only we had the money and time and you know that thing that makes us do stuff what is that stuff called, oh yeah motivation


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