White picket fence

Tomorrow we finally start installing our white picket fence in the front yard. We decided we would only do half the yard - so it will be cozier. I heard there may be some city code, that only allows us to fence half the yard. No biggie. We could have checked it out but I'm good with the new plans. The second half of the lawn will be bushes and flowers under the trees. We'll terrace it since it is on a slight downhill slope.

I know it sounds silly, but I have always wanted a white picket fence. Not the vinyl kind, wood.

Speaking of wood, Home Depo did not have the white sections in stock, so we had to get the unpainted which means, that will be my job; to paint the fence. I bought a paint sprayer and got home and realized we have 2 paint sprayers that are professional - they belonged to my dad who was a contractor. I have to use the compressor (which we have) and read up on how to do this. The other one goes back.

Oh well, the things I will do, for this white picket fence!


  1. A white picket fence is something that makes one and by one I mean me, think of the 1950's


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