Just a regular gate

My husband will be done with the gate sometime tomorrow. It will be just a regular picket fence gate. I looked through Pinterest for different types of wooden gates.

Regular is easier!


That would take some work - plus I would be the one having to paint it. Pretty though...


Maybe in a few years...I could get my husband to make a unique gate. Most likely, he will not want to. Heck, I don't blame him. But they sure are pretty.


Our fence goes across our front in a straight line. We do not have a middle walkway. Our entrance comes in at the side of our driveway. So an arbor over the gate would not have looked right. So no arbor for us.


So pretty and could have worked with some tweaking to the picket fence. Love the color. You can get away with a colored solid wood gate with a white picket fences.


I have a thing for red gates. 


I love everything about this red gate. The walkway, the flowers....

It's fun to look through all the beautiful and creative gates - but I will be content with my regular gate. I've ALWAYS wanted a picket fence and a gate. I almost choose a ranch style, simply because it was easier. But my husband knew I always had my heart set on the picket fence and said he would be happy to install it. So why not?

I'm happy!


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