Perfection is Overrated and a lot of Work

I will add black planters across the 3 sections, eventually.

I'm in HEAVEN!  My picket fence is almost done. Just need the gate.

But it wasn't "heaven" painting it. Last week, we went to Home Depot to make the purchase. I wanted the pre-painted. A few dollars more, but worth it. They didn't have enough so I was forced to buy the unfinished. The husband had taken a week off from work so we could get this fence up. I wish now, we had pre-ordered it.

So that meant, I had to purchase the white paint. There goes the little savings, using unfinished. We bought the brackets, cement, and the posts.

The deal was, the husband would install the posts - I got to paint. Normally I enjoy painting but this was a bit-h! I had to get in-between the posts, painting dripping. The wood was rough and the application was messy and time-consuming. After the first 2 sections, my painting skills went downhill. I began to embrace my BFD attitude. I kept saying to myself, that I like the distressed look more and was not into perfection!

Our next project - removing the Junipers 

Trust me, my paint job was far from perfection. I even went out and bought a can of white spray paint to fill in the areas that I missed by brush.

Oh and by the way, if you are ever having to do this I recommend, a paint sprayer. We have one - the kind you use with a compressor. The instructions were hard for me to grasp, so I gave up on it, and decided to use a roller. By the end, I was so sick and tired of it, I was using the roller, a brush and a spray can of white paint. BIG DEAL - it looks fine.

Soon, I do plan to go out and touch up. Especially the outside of the fence that faces the street. You know, for curb appeal. <Barf>

My father was a professional - a painting contractor and I did think of him like I always do when I am painting. I know, he was rolling over in his grave, at the messy, unprofessional way I was painting, but HEY, it got done - it looks fine and I'm happy with it. Just don't get too close and critical or I may have to knock you on your butt!


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