Painted the Patio

It's better than what it looked like before - so I'm pleased.

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth - time just got away from me. It flies, you know...

So the husband and I were starting a project - painting the patio with this textured paint. We moved everything onto the lawn - then he bends down and his back goes out. We spent Friday at the VA. They sent him home with muscle relaxers and he's been taking it easy.

So I decide I will do the patio all by my lonesome.

I am rolling this thick gravy-like paint on the patio when they roller stick breaks. I am sweating and have paint all over me. I am not about to clean up and go out and buy a new one so I sit down and roll with what is left over. Oh, my aching back! Took me twice as long, but I did it. Then my shoulders and arms started to hurt. I missed some spots.

Yesterday I went out and bought more paint and a new heavy duty roller and stick - Used it this morning and it was so much easier. I think I am pretty much finished - with the exception of a few little spots I missed.

Now while I am doing this, my husband is sitting inside the sliding glass door, watching me. He didn't say a word but he was thinking...I had told him, to just keep his mouth shut and no criticism, that at least it is getting done.

I know he could have done a better job, but once we put all our stuff back on the patio, who's going to notice????


  1. Good for you. It's outside. It will eventually look like crap again so who cares. Sorry about the hubby's back. I've been there and it ain't pretty.

  2. This made me think of when I was a child dad painting the front porch green


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