Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Our Thanksgiving table back in 2011

We're not fancy here at my house. I do enjoy a pretty table setting but honestly, "who has time for that?" I'm also practical. To me, a decorated tabletop, means I have to move all of it in order to fit the food on the table. Okay, so we don't really need the turkey, on the table or bowls of food. But then, the decorations can be distracting or too high to see over. I think it gets in the way, of conversation plus, when it is all said and done, does anyone else really remember except for you?

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This is actually more my style. I never seem to snap a photo of my table before.

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Attractive but centerpiece too tall - I like to see my guests!

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I like this one. Pretty

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Way too busy for me and having to move all that crap, before we sit down to eat. Nooooo, thank you!

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Finally, this is probably what most American Thanksgiving table decorating looks like. It's all about the FOOD!


  1. I have three sons and they could care less how I decorate the table. Since I do not have a waiter to serve us, I also find it necessary to remove any centerpiece in order to put some food down on the table even though it is usually buffet style. Wine, rolls, gravy? Those tables are nice to look at but completely impractical for a family dinner.

    1. EXACTLY. No one really cares unless you are inviting Martha Stewart


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