The Perfect Christmas Tree


This time of year, all we see are these beautiful houses, with their absolutely gorgeous Christmas trees - homes decorated just right, and their outdoor space, perfectly balanced with the right amount of yule decor. I love to look at the photos I see online, and in magazines.

"That's what I want"

 "That's what I want," I tell my husband. Whereas, he would be fine with a popcorn garland around the tree.

Would I be that much happier, if my tree was as perfect as I see on the decorating blogs and magazines? It must be nice, to live as if you are in a Christmas store display. Wow. Everything perfect. Where are the extension cords? The Christmas Cards? Their children's artwork from school?  Even down to their perfectly built fire in the fireplace - the kitchen counters are free from clutter, no cookie sheets, no batter bowls in the sink soaking - even the bedrooms and bathrooms are a sight to behold. 

So how do normal, regular people like us, decorate for the holidays? 

My Christmas Tree 2010

All lit up, shining brightly at night, it doesn't matter if your tree is not as beautiful as the cover trees on House Beautiful. They say, Art is in the eye of the beholder and one could say that about Christmas Trees. Without a professional digital camera, many of our regular trees look better in person, than on photos. 

Who cares? Has Christmas been whittled down to who decorates their house the best? Who has the perfect tree?  She who has the most beautiful tree Wins? 

Yeah, each year I TRY to get that perfect tree for my home. Funny it always looks the same. I'm not willing to part with my old ornaments. Opening that box every year, a flood of memories come barreling out.

Whenever I get off my butt, I hope to take some pictures off my decorations for 2017.

Visit World Wide Christmas Tree Photo contest and give one of them your vote. Let's hear it for the regular tree! 


  1. I love my Christmas tree because of the ornaments that I have that are either really old or have sentimental value! At night when the lights are lit it looks as pretty as any of those trees in the magazines!

  2. So many nice Christmas trees, I do like a nicely decorated tree

  3. I'm a bit of a less is more girl. Some of those trees look very over decorated to me. And I do use the same special ornaments each year - but vary the colour theme a bit - some years more red/green - others more gold. Merry Christmas

  4. Our tree is, shall we say, eclectic! A big old jumble of Christmas decorations. I love the mini white lights, and this year I added a strand of colored ones, in honor of Daddy. I think your tree is nice. Even the little pine tree in Charlie Brown has a certain charm. Christmas trees are wonderful because of the lights.


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