A list of accomplishments

Instead of listing what Home Improvements we didn't do the last 2 years - I want to encourage myself with all that we did.

New energy efficient roof
replaced all the windows in our home
hardwood floor down the hall
painted living room, kitchen, dining, hall, office, master bedroom and laundry room.
replaced carpet in living room and master bedroom.
new soaker tub in hall bath and new faucet
picket fence in the front yard
re-did our back patio and extended it toward the pond and waterfall
new washer and dryer
new stove
painted kitchen cabinets
new curtains in the living room
new curtains in the office
new shower curtain in the hall bathroom
new floor in bathroom and laundry room
Storage shelves in garage
sold our motorhome
new dining room chandelier
new living room ceiling fan and light
new entry fixture
new light fixtures down the hall
fixed backyard flooding problems

I no doubt, am forgetting some things but that is the list. Yeah okay, so we still have things to do. I'll actually put that into print tomorrow. Right now, I want to bask in that list of accomplishments. They weren't easy or cheap! The cost of a wonderful trip to Europe. NO REGRETS. Everyone is different in what they want out of life. I'm an introvert, so making my home a sanctuary is monumental to me. Making it a home that we can both grow old in comfortably and where our children can bring their families to visit.

Husband can retire in 5 years, Lord willing. That is the plan.

I'm pleased!


  1. Wow!! Thats some list. I'd say you got A LOT accomplished! I am like you. I"m an introvert and making my home what I want it to be is important to me as well. After all, I spend a lot of time in it.. So enjoyed reading your post tonight :)

    1. Thank You. I love "home." and I hardly ever get bored.

  2. I sit here thinking about how much a first class trip to Europe will cost me this year. And then I think about the $15,000 I spent for new siding, $15,000 for the roof, $6,000 for all new trim work.... And I don't even have pretty pictures to look at, lol.

    1. My dream is to go to Europe and Israel. Not now. We want to get all of this done. We're entertaining the thought of going to Hawaii later this year. We actually can do that fairly inexpensive. We have to start thinking about our dog, Laydee who is an introvert like me...she doesn't like most people and she has little use for other dogs. It's hard to leave her with anyone.


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