Bathrooms I like

I could totally do this- my kitchen cabinets are a similar color as these cabinets. 
Plus it would match my shower curtain. 

I like the knobs on the cabinet. 

Wait a minute...a door to the outside? No thanks. 
Too much detail work on the walls for me to do. It's nice though. 

My kitchen a couple of years ago. Not "staged" and as it was on that day - 
I think that is a turkey on the stove top. 

I've decided- I'm painting the bathroom vanity the same color as the kitchen cabinets.


  1. I love the color. When I lived in FL I had that color kitchen cabinets. I have that color accent in this house with white cabinetry. Love the REAL kitchen and not that it is staged.
    Hope you have a great day! xo Diana

    1. I love white cabinets- always have. Wood is nice but I tend to tire more with wood cabinets. The staged kitchens are nice to get ideas from.I can't imagine how I could ever keep one that meticulous.

  2. I love rustic and beachy bathroom d├ęcor. This fits both...

    1. I find it never really gets tiresome. Maybe its because I just like it, period. :-)

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